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"...As i was driving the early morning of christmas eve for a family dinner last year, i was involved in a fatal accident that almost cost my life, my car crashed beyond recognition with a fortune driven by a drunk driver. after 3mnths in hospital, i was told i could not walk again in spite of several surgeries leaving me in stretches for life. among the friends who came to visit me on the sickbed in the hospital , one of them told me to try healer ziba whom he just ..."
Jane Austin
"... After 5years of a joyful and loving marriage, my life started falling apart due to a luck of a child.My husband started sleeping around which put our marriage on strain . After a while I heard rumors that my husband had rented another woman an apartment this destroyed me, I felt humiliated and tortured emotionally by my husband's betray. After 2 yes of unhappy marriage and constant fights, he moved out of my house for good. my neighbor Ryn who had almost lost her husband through marriage advised me to visit healer vuyowho had helped fix her marriage as well she gave me her contact I called her..."
John Dosh

About Healer

Hello, my name is healer Ziba and I am a powerful working spells healer and caster. I have been helping people with all kinds of problems for many years, and I have a great success rate. If you are looking for help with any kind of issue, whether it is love, money, career, or anything else, I can definitely help you. I have a wide range of spells that I can use to help you achieve your goals, and I will work with you closely to make sure that you get the results that you want.

I am a very friendly person, and I am always here to help. If you have any questions about my services or about spell casting in general, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be more than happy to chat with you and answer any of your questions.

True life Stories

An African American male business man portrait outdoors.

Qoba - South Africa

On my first whatsapp consultation, alot was revealed to me that i didn’t know about my life and i was helped

Smiling businesswoman looking at camera webcam make conference business call, recording video blog, talking with client, distance job interview, e-coaching, online training concept, headshot portrait (Smiling businesswoman looking at camera webcam mak

Linda - Georgia

Am a mother of two beautiful kids after being helped by Healer Ziba i couldn’t conceive for so many years

Portrait of a young man in the park

Mark - Brazil

My company started making 6 figures after being helped by Healer Ziba, he cleansed me and casted a spell that unblocked my luck.


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money,wealth, abundance

Why money spells

You deserve abundance in your life and money spell can help you Manifest it. In today’s world, money is the the key to sustain your life style, stable income and getting more is always preferable less. After using one of my powerful money spells ,you will never have to go another day with money issues. If you are not doing well financially, your bank account has been drier like Namibian desert lately, this money spells can still help you manifest it and bring you wealth opportunities and prosperity in your life. You have nothing to loose as this money spells are simple and straightforward in nature.

Binding Spells

Is your Partner or Lover not caring or loving you anymore? My powerful binding spell can restore, strengthen and bring about obsession as well in your relationship forever

Attraction Spell

Rich or poor, young or old, love is one thing on everyone’s mind. All you need is love, Love is a Battlefield, get the partner you desire by using my strong attraction spell..

Marriage/Proposal Spell

I can cast a sensitive, perfect & effective marriage or proposal spell If you are in a non responsive, decisive & committing relationship that will change things around from a proposal to marriage.

Stop divorce spell

My Spell stops unnecessary divorce, breakups, separations by rekindling the romance, obsession, passion, love, care, contentment & spark you experienced at the first sight of your time together.

Bring Back lost lover

get Ex back even after a long time breakup, my spell works by opening the heart, mind, soul & spirit for both partners allowing them to reconnect with one another on a deeper level forever.

Broken Marriages

My spell helps to protect, nurture, & grow a ending marriage due to conflicts by channeling positive energies for both partners to solve pressing issues effectively.

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Get rid of witchcraft

Say goodbye to the negative effects of witchcraft with our powerful spells! Our proven methods will rid you of any dark energy and protect you from future harm. Trust in our expertise to bring peace and positivity back into your life.

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